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Would you like to grow your own truffles? Would you like to discover how?

The Borgia Tartufi's (Borgia Truffles') family, all great nature lovers, have been researching and cultivating truffles for more than 20 years in partnership with specialised nurseries and laboratories, as well as creating the SOUTHTRUFFLE - Southern Italy Truffle Land organisation. 

Through years of experience, and having set up hundreds of orchards all over Italy, we can guarantee that planting truffle host plants in the right type of terrain will produce truffles. 

The first step is buying a truffle plant from a specialised nursery, but it is important to consider the many variables that can influence the planting itself. The physicochemical qualities of the soil in the truffle ground are paramount.

Besides a consultancy service on the ground, at Borgia Tartufi (Borgia Truffles) we can offer you 6 varieties of truffle trees that are cultivated in Salento. Among the many truffle plants, we have selected the best tree and shrub species often associated with high quality truffles and summer truffles.  

It is important to note that, while truffles can establish a symbiotic relationship (segnalo un refuso nella pagina italiana: “micorizzarsi” e non “micronizzarsi”) with many host plants, they have a truly strong affinity with only a few of them.


The trees (oppure The plants) you can purchase from us

- Common hazel (corylus avellana L.)

- Mycorhized fruit hazel

- Holm oak (quercus ilex)

- Hornbeam (ostrya carpinofolia)

- Downy oak (quercus pubescens)

- Rock rose (Cistus incanus)


For more information download our full brochure and do not hesitate to contact us!

Pasta with Truffles
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